voting, songs for biking and just for fun

amici miei

the presidential elections are happening today in gli stati uniti. i hope you are able to go and vote if you have not done so already.

though i am a citizen of the world, i do carry an american passport (among others!) and so voted this morning. it was a thrilling experience. waiting in the line for an hour and a half i enjoyed observing my fellow americans. many were jovial and joking but a few were angry at the general chaos of the public school where voting was taking place.

moreover, the park slope parents were out in full force. “tallulah, what did mommy say about throwing the cupcake on the ground?!” and then “skylar say ‘excuse me’ next time.” my favorite was a woman pushing an enormous baby carriage in which sat two tiny despots playing on an ipad. the lady was not too pleased to be in such tight quarters. she could hardly move the carriage which was on par with (wink!) those unacceptable large golf umbrellas. i wanted to suggest that perhaps the crowd of hopeful voters was not the problem but the girth of her carriage was! instead i bit my tongue and was merrily confused and captivated by the chaos.

who is in charge?

an older gentleman in a baseball cap was volunteering directing people where to go. a well dressed young man approached the volunteer, “can i give you my address and you’ll tell me where to go?” he asked politely. the older fellow, with borscht belt verve replied, “you can give me your blood type! now was district you in?” it was a joyful kangaroo court and i am grateful to live in a democrazy even if it is deeply flawed!

this is a banana republic

well then. basta politica! in recently days i’ve been tooling around on my bicycle and a number of songs have been repeating on my head. sure, there are the usual au courrant pop classics. i love a call me maybe. but some other tunes have jammed their way into my ear worm. my favorite one to hum while peddling is by ludacris. but watch out… the lyrics are not for the faint of heart!

as i nod to this ditty i imagine myself a powerful predator of the road and i swiftly sail along.

naturally queen’s bicycle race is a classic.

ding ding!

my friend in tehran suggests bon jovi’s undivided.

i was hitherto unfamiliar with this tune. thanks salar! i’ll be sure to think of this one in the future.

and while we’re on the topic of tunes allow me to remind you of this chanson.

it was the theme of free willy. what are marvelous homemade video this is! the young chap is clearly having a ball and his little whale is most cute. let us all recall the joy and innocence of youth and smile on lives well lived.

vote and be well and a bientot!


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