end times! sandy and other ruminations

my friends and fellow world citizens–

let us assess all that has occurred in this past week. the ‘cane has come and gone. the frankenstorm resulted in terribly untimely deaths … and left many without power, transit, school/work and proper plumbing. and yet meanwhile across the globe it was business as usual. teenage couples went about coupling, married people had their continual misunderstandings and forgivings and business people ran late for luncheons. artists every where tried to fundraise for their dear sweet art projects. alas. but something seismic seemed to occur. on halloween night one friend opined that super storm sandy has effectively closed the nine eleven chapter of american history and opened one about the global warming crisis. (i won’t go on about our presidential prospects and lack of climate change discussion in les debates)

each more handsome than the other

at first the news of a storm excited me. it was fun to overly dramatize people’s reactions to the ongoings. the panic reminded me of a film from my youth. i quoted it thus, loudly from the steps of my brownstone:

sillyness aside, something in that panic unites us universally. in the final days of my studying philosophy, i recall pondering a meteorological related theory to human connection and community. the theory was thus: crazy weather unifies people and creates true and local kinship that may be fleeting but is nevertheless wholly authentic.

at the time i was playing in a show: the pirates of penzance. it was a bit part (my forte, naturally) and the theatre was located on the MIT campus. i felt so at home with the nerds that i voyaged to and fro from my own campus far away, taking a shuttle, a train and then a long walk across the mass ave bridge to reach rehearsals. one night, on the way home with gilbert and sullivan on repeat in my head, the skies opened for a torrential rain. “apres moi le deluge!” i mused. as i made my way across the bridge, fighting with the wind, my umbrella and the heavens, i spotted a fellow journeyer. he too was soaked from the storm and we shared a hearty grin-grimace. ahh to be alive and braving the elements! i understand you stranger! my face said.

c’etait moi

anyhoo. i have tried to further develop this theory  but people seem uncomfortable talking about the weather in philosophical terms. [sigh]


speaking of community though. on thursday i went to see ich, kürbisgeist by the allustrious sibyl kempson in collaboration with the enviable big dance theater company at the delightfully jankity chocolate factory in long island city. (tanti aggettivi!) it was already a monumental day pour moi. i had already made my first interborough passing in the morning in order to arrive at the office-i-frequent-mondays-through-fridays. why not head over to queens?

and so it was. and what a fine night of theatre viewing! i was joined with friends and comrads. the audience was full of hard cord theatre nerds. they had braved the post-sandy city to see a play in mostly gibberish! mamma mia. one section in which an actor pretended to get high off a pumpkin really tickled my funny bone. but there were many others too! i recommend the show highly.

do yourself a favor and go see this

as for me, while i doubt i’ll continue to cycle to the garment district on a daily basis (my thighs are large enough as it is!) i was pleased the storm managed to push me out of the old comfort zone. strange and stirring and humility inducing. a good trifecta especially if you have the tendency to boast comme moi.

but my revelations are hardly important. here’s how to help those in need post-storm
how to help in new york city after hurricane sandy.

stay safe,

ps last thing: another storm seems to be brewing on facebook. artists getting up in arms about other artists who continue to fundraise during a natural disaster. readers: i am dying to know what you think. is it right to keep kickstarting and wearing indiegogo boots in times of serious stress? what is the moral choice? is it passe? déclassé? risque? or all the reggae? fammi sapere (!) comments are welcome!


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