hot dogs and tatas

mes amis–

ever stop to ponder the old adage “make new friends but keep the old?” i do.

to think i’ve known my pal paul rudd since 1995 just makes me shake my head in quiet and amused disbelief. that’s 17 years! not that anyone is counting…

i recall the young stud–i mean rudd–at a kind of LA casting cattle call. i was working in production back then (always with my tail feather in a twist!) and spotted a most hilarious headshot among many images absurdes that day. ho! i think i laughed myself a new freckle when i spotted this one:

so coy

qui est cet homme! i thought. what a demonstratively shy pose. yet i sensed a certain mischief and intrigue behind those eyes. and i admired the moxie to let such a foto go to the printing press. i called him in.

i won’t divulge more than is necessary. i should let paul tell his own tales. the rest, as they say, is movie magic.

i always wanted a step brother

anyhoo, as you know i do not often endorse celebrity statements but what with keanue reeves sending out emails on behalf of new york city players (in the most maddening and ingenious marketing ploy of the season) i feel i must intervene. allora. here is what paul recently texted me.

..a simpler time..

“The very first time I met David Wain, Michael Showalter, and Joe Lotruglio was at a performance of Sex (a.k.a. Weiners and Boobs). I immediately saw it for what it was — a play that rivaled Hamlet in sheer scope and bravura. Ingeniously, I became friends with them that very night. Since then, I have ridden their coattails on many past and future projects. I guess what I’m trying to say is, go see Sex (a.k.a. Weiners and Boobs) while you have the chance, befriend them, and you too may have a shot at becoming an internationally beloved movie star.”

i responded:

mais paul! qu’est ce que tu dit! i am already a star of the interweb and a media guru sensation! plus it was i who was with you that night, you fool, acting as your arm candy. you do not remember…? don’t worry… i’d forget me too…;-(”

(i always use an emoticon when words can’t fully express my emotions.)


anyhoozle, the fine people of clubbed thumb, one of my favorite theatre companies in gotham, are putting on a benie. that’s right. an old fashioned barn raising benefit. and i am told there will be a one-time revival performance of Sex (a.k.a. Weiners and Boobs) … hence rudd’s descriptive and loquacious text message à moi l’autre soir.

the show will be performed by such stars as snl‘s taran killan and jeremy shamos along with a cadre of other talents: shari albert, ian helfer, nina hellman, zak orth, peter salett, joe lo truglio and david wain to name seven. plus, i am sure we can expect the efferevesent maria striar, artistic director of clubbed thumb, who’s hair is the most enviable in all of downtown theatre right besides erin courney.












the showing is monday oct. 29 at 7.30pm (a most civilized hour!)
at 13th street theater (otherwise known as classic stage company) 136 e 13th street
tix to the show are $50, where as show and post-show soiree access are $100.

a number of amici are going to be zipping in for the weekend so call or text just like rudd. i am looking forward to attending this glorious evening of hotdogs and tatas. i’ll take mine with relish. (wink!)

as they say in park slope: a bientotally!

ps next up i will have comments about a comet and a whale bone as well as some meandering thoughts on the show portlandia. stay tuned!


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