oh my lanta (gustatory delights)

mes amis–

il y a beau coup des temps that i do not write. i have been in bangalore on sabbatical. but i find myself back in the city of gotham and revving up for some ecriture on my traveling web log.

allora! i just popped down to the houndstooth at the office-i-frequent-mondays-through-fridays. i love “bar food” but not usually during the day. however, today was chilly and my luncheon companion was keen on a burger. i acquiesced.

pulled pork? yes.

greeting us was a host of some kind behind a podium as well as a creature of halloween. he was made of rubber and stood stooped offering wrapped mints.


i opted for the pulled pork sandwich (sans bun!) and what a delight. it brought back to the thanskgivings of my youth in south carolina where i feasted on scrumptious sgt. white’s bbq. (mmm mmm yum. mamma mia!) the service was pleasant. (my request for some extra cole slaw sauce was heeded along with my request for mayonnaise… you can take the gal out of europe but not the europe out of the gal!) there was a paucity of water. “if only they were as generous with their water as they are with their cob webs!” i remarked. (there were many cob web decorations webbing the restaurant to create a kind of “haunted” look.


speaking of feasts: just the other day my beloved whipped up a luncheon extravaganza. small burgers on gluten free buns. my my. it was  a party in my tum post-pranzo! i was quite enjoying the shaved bits of corn i put into a kind of salad yesterday. and i usually hate salads–i prefer feasts!

dig in

while we are on gustatory topics, i’ll have you know that it is national donut month. (as if our united states needed an entire moon cycle dedicated to those round (and rounding!) objets d’arts.) sadly, i was otherwise occupied during yesterday’s donut celebrations at the ace hotel. in fact, i had a rather healthy meal at wild ginger while on break from a technical rehearsal of missing person(s) at dixon place. the only wild thing i saw at said eatery was two vegetarians whose hands were nearly touching  across a table. hmm–such wild escapades indeed!

flagrant pdas!

as for my mild manners… i will round out this posting with a peculiar article i read. if the debates of last night left you thinking that you’re living in a banana republic, consider a halal internet. i am wont to agree with reardon’s analysis that this could never really take full effect. (i, for one, know far too many smarties living in iran who would subvert such tactics!) nevertheless, it is chilling to consider the possibility. it seems the citoyenne always gets the short end of the political  stick! [see: from hell to hell, it’s local!]

damn politics

a bientot,



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