new directions, atonement, a grinning ghoul and theatre round up

mes amis–

first some quick updates. the art log will be going on hiatus for a while as i reconsider the direction my weblog will take. it seems i am pulled in a million directions. part of me has toyed with tweeting or posting many pithy posts throughout the day… but the philosopher in my heart knows that to do so would be disingenuous! i crave pensive pun filled diatribes! i will continue to serve you, dear reader. i will continue to serve.

fear not: i will still provide unfailingly honest thoughtful cri-chic (that’s a more elegant form of critique!) about the contemporary performance i see. plus, i will keep reporting on my musings, opinions and life encounters. just yesterday on the eve of atonement i spotted a street performer in a metro station. it had been a rather dreary commute home (train delays, crying children, no seats for this sally and not even a proper livre to read). as i exited the train it was a chaotic scene of hustle and bustle and sad dreary faces. i will admit that mine was one of them!

in italian they say “to do the pendulum” quite glum!

yet, lo and behold! i caught the eye of a ghoul! i do not know if he was a statue street performer or late to an appointment at a haunted house. the fellow (i believe it was a man, but i could be wrong!) was wearing face paint and carried a little rolly bag cart. he was getting into the elevator with it and i caught him looking most quotidienne despite his most unusual attire! our eyes met and instantly a grin crept across this kippy’s face. i couldn’t help it! it was a joyful force stronger than my heart of coal could take. the grin was there and i stared. the ghoul also smiled! we shared a grin and this made me smile even more. i must have walked with that grin the length of two train cars before popping into the over air conditioned vehicle saturated with the smell of stale deodorant.

speaking of air conditioning: i caught that bob wilson/philip glass/lucinda childs collaboration einstein on the beach. after all these years it still feels fresh as a daisey! i remember when that show put them into debt but how pleased i am that they’ve made it out to the other side of a career. it really took all three of those cats to pull that off. without the music there wouldn’t be such fine choreography of floating dancers–riveting!–or those slow and suddenly sudden stage pictures. hmph! magic.

a fan recently requested a run down of all there is to see in new york theatre at the moment. there is indeed a panoply! and while i am no encyclopedia i will do my best here. i never ignore my fans!

nantucket breeze, a fine artificial zephyr

no correct dancers: get your glasses on and hop on over to that closet-of-a-space on 37th and 8th ave aka chashama window gallery. dan o’neil and katie rose mclaughlin have teamed up to create a deliciously abstract and funny piece about going to the eye doctor. ask the collaborative team about asmr and give this a listen:
closes friday, Sept. 28th. they are raising $ here.

mickey and sage: pulls-at-your-heart-strings good, a play by lady farrington about kids with messed up parentals. there’s a panel discussion tomorrow evening, thursday Sept. 27th, at the incubator arts project that i sadly will not be moderating. nevertheless, a play worth seeing. the actors have great presence and the script is hole proof. (i have seen it both at foxy film studios and in the great stake of omaha, nebraska)
closes sept 30th. they are raising $ here.

prelude 2012: there is so much juicy programming in this three-day event at the martin e. segal center (CUNY graduate center) i am plotzing. a must-see for those looking to get a taste of the season to come. i will be seeing everything if i can liberate myself from the office i attend mondays through fridays. esp. the one about wizards! i look forward to ebullient celebration on the final night of the festival. last year the programming director, a fine feathered german fellow, lifted up a fellow human being on the dance stage and everyone screamed!
runs: oct. 3-5, programming is free. more info here.

blood play: i caught an in-development reading of this hootenany with creepy undertones many months ago. the debate society recently won and obie and their proverbial starr is rising. plus the cast has some super excellent hilarious performers (all of them).
runs: oct 3-27 at le bushwick starr.

missing person(s): what to say about this upcoming gem? la megan murtha is an excellent playwright, person and friend. i highly encourage seeing this play that is as curious as its venue: dixon place. plus the cast is all-star. just look at who’s involved here.
runs: oct 11-13 at dixon place.

helen & edgar: the inimitable storyteller and performer, edgar oliver, will surely delight and haunt his audiences with this latest offering that tells tales of travels with his sister. i have had the great pleasure of performing avec mr oliver in a concrete room in queens. beware!
runs: oct 9-27 at 80 st. marks place.

other things that i know will be good:
natasha, pierre & the great comet of 1812 (noted in this week’s “goings on about town” in the new yorker!) oct 1-nov 10.
ben gasman has a reading at b’wick starr on oct 15.
alicegraceanon from new georges at irondale center, oct 18-nov 9.
big dance show by sibyl kempson at chocolate factory oct 25-nov 10.
the richard maxwell show in nov plus job at the flea right now! oh my … such a panoply… i positively need a parapluie!


a bientot,


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