you in japan / we all look like jerks (artlog #9)

amici miei–

the summer runs out but artistic happenings are afoot all over the place! there’s never a moment to bucharest … ! i heard recently that my pal you nakai (see beaucoup des choses artlog #3) will be premiering with no collective concertos no.4 at the national museum of modern art in tokyo on the evening of august 29. according to an email “it will be music for the blind, the blinded, plus a number of personalized audiences.” and it is gratis. mama mia!

my japanese is rusty but make of this what you will

don’t strain your brain!

speaking of adventurous programming… i hope everyone has seen this doozy of a trailer. it is a whopping 17 minutes and 58 seconds! ok, ok. i suppose the abundant programming of this year’s incubator arts project season justifies the loquacious length and such candid whoppers as “we all look like jerks.” a truer statement as never been uttered (!).  what bold and adventurous programming, bravi to the curators! i must admit, i greatly enjoyed the casual and self conscious (and perhaps at times a tad boastful!) ponderings of these cute artists.


i hope to see each and every show! i await with particular baited breath both gas, that old brechtian double doozy and the frank boudreaux penned very-long-title-of-intrigue-and-importance (ie, everything that is the case for two young women on the eve of the great war among other elegant lies…ahem…you couldn’t make this stuff up!)

oh and to be entirely clear: i use “doozy” and “whopper” in their most positive and happy mealesque iterations, associations and connotations. let us reclaim la langue anglaise, mes amis!

ciao for now,


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