do not fire, HIRE the hero (plus ombre hair and spike shoes)

mes amis–

a fan recently alerted me to this most peculiar story about a young floridian lifeguard being fired for saving someone’s life. quel horreur! who cares if the swimmer, now in critical condition, was a bit beyond the realm of patrol. lopez was responding to a higher law and now he’s been sacked. naturally, this news is reported on the anti-american bbc website. hee hee! those brits are in good company…with the rest of the world that is!

it’s not square

i say that 21-year-old lifeguard tomas lopez is better off without this job. he is living by his principals and saving lives! which is more than this kippy has ever done! i should add that i was touched to learn that tomas’s lifeguard friends also quit in protest. allahu akbar! i am egypt! i hope lopez enjoys his summer and breaks some hearts along the way… i bet he’s not so hard on the eyes…

do you have a sweet tooth for eye candy?

as for things that are hard on the eyes: i have been most repelled and intrigued by these ombre haircuts i keep seeing about. you know the kind. makes you wonder if that feathery blond is really letting her roots go. but then these people are all so stylish and the fades so super subtle that you know it’s on purpose. just like that tattered white-tee, with cotton so fine it is near silk-like in its soft suppleness. i mean, this is all fine and dandy in summer months but what of winter, hmm? i wonder. and yet i yearn for my own locks to look as such!

ole: ombre

then again, having been blessed with salt and pepper strands atop ma tête–and a full head of hair–since birth, this is not a style choice i need to worry about making. but, as you know, i take great care to be an arbiter of taste and so, after months of internal debate, i felt i had to weigh in.

speaking of taste, i would be curious to know what readers think of the spike shoe phenomenon. you’ve seen them around on subway platforms and planging the pavement. perhaps even those willowy blonds with the ombre hair styles are sporting them. little flat shoes with metallic spikes jutting out of the sides. worn, once again, by the unwaveringly hip. i quite like them, (the shoes, that is) but they are in too much proliference for me. bucking the trend, i’ll stick with my ukranian two steppers for now, thank you!

don’t tread on me

(i should add that if i had to buy a pair, i’d like to get them in a most docile shade, say a coral pink)

the most odious example of these spikes i have seen was an enormous black leather backpack (nerd sack) from which huge foam (thank g-d) spikes protruded. it worn by a young ruffian in the 14th ave train station who skulked and glared. i don’t care how much that bag cost or what foreign land the lad purchased it in. it was—to use a term from my jeuness dorée—fugly. just like the model himself!

on ebay this retails for $39. bet it was made in china

poor fellow. maybe he was just having a hard day. but who wouldn’t suffer with foam spikes protruding out of one’s back? no dates would want to get near him. honey catches more flies than vinegar, sweetheart!


a bientot mes amis!


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