a good year for gingers (artlog #2)

mes amis

i’ve scooted around with the likes of jess barbagallo and chris giarmo, starlets of new york city’s downtown theatre scene, for a number of years now. they are as cute and talented as they are smart-as-whips and funny to boot. naturellement, it’s with great excitement and curiosity that i look forward to their upcoming collaboration in 2012’s ice factory at the ohio theatre.

good year for hunters–and for gingers too, i might add!–plays june 27-30 and owes influence to tori amos’s 1992 album, “little earthquakes.” the show is described as “a queer horror play about a mysteriously orphaned brother and sister who fall in love with a closeted husband and wife in a world of fractured time and secrets.” quel horreur … and queer horror! this sounds like the stuff of memorable theatre making…

les petites earthquakes!

long time pals chris and jess are sure to leave audiences with big ideas to mull over (and carpets to munch on!) as well as belly aches from laughter over clever twists, turns and delightful players who alight the stage. yes, my friends, they have assembled an all star terrific team of collaboratorrés: including mike cacciatore, tina satter and becca blackwell: just look at this punim!

gingers always get the last laugh

i caught up with the dazzling duo over the interwebs recently for a brief q&a and here’s what they (mostly jess, i believe) said.

This is not your first time collaborating … is it? Can you talk about your artistic relationship? You two met in college, n’est pas?
Chris and I met when we were sophomores in college. A for real meeting. I think we got high and I came out to him. Over the course of the next three years, we made a lot of performance art together and did a Charles Busch bit for a scene study class. Highlights include a video piece called Haiku d’Etat and Chris dropping me (naked) repeatedly on a studio floor.

Let’s have a repeat performance of that! J/k. That sounds most painful…! Anyhoo, what proved to be so influential about Tori Amos’s “Little Earth Quakes” … does she bear any relation to Famous Amos of the cookie empire? Will Tori Amos come to see the play?
I wish I knew more about cookies. I like to eat them, especially Mrs. Fieldsat Penn Station. Tori was a big deal for me and Chris because he’s a fag and I had my first formative lesbian experiences listening to that album. I wish she would come. Do you have her e-mail address?

Bien sûr! I will see if Tori is in town and be sure to invite her. Tell fans a bit about the story of the play and the artistic process–Jess did you write this piece and Chris are you doing the music?
Chris and I wrote the first draft of the show together five years ago. Then I was asked to do an artist-in-residence at favorite downtown incubator, Dixon Place.

Suck up!
We spent three months earlier in the year at Dixon Place tackling the old script. After we broke, I re-wrote the second half of the play because I realized that we had done some serious growing up since the last incarnation. Chris has contributed sound ideas, but Mike Cacciatore is actually designing.

That sounds excellent…wish I could have seen the early stages at Dixon. I understand Half Straddle’s Tina Satter is acting in this production … ?! How did this come about?
Elizabeth Dement, an amazing dancer and frequent collaborator of Big Dance Theater, originated the role of Candace in the show. When we first began working on the piece, we had no idea we would be picked up by the Ice Factory Festival and unfortunately, Liz couldn’t continue because she had another summer gig. We auditioned several amazing actresses, but I wanted Tina because she resonates a kind of vulnerability so in keeping with the tone of the larger work.

Aye, that Teeny is a ruby in the rough. So, do you have any secret/guilty pleasure artistic influences?? Dish!
I like Robyn and the film Wave Babes.

I won’t pretend I know what those are…anything I’m leaving out??
Please come to our show!

Wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Good Year for Hunters runs June 27-30 at the new Ohio Theatre at 7pm. Tickets $18 for adults and $12 for students/seniors

Story by Jess Barbagallo & Chris Giarmo
Written by Jess Barbagallo
Additional Writing by Chris Giarmo
Directed by Jess Barbagallo & Chris Giarmo
Sound design by Mike Cacciatore


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