a banana worth discussing

mes amis–

there is much the discuss. the least of which involve fuse. if you snooze you loose out on the fuse! but more on that later. there is a more pressingly recent matter–moments ago!–banana tale.

a friend who i sit near in the office i frequent mondays through fridays had a pair of bananas at his desk. they were cute toots, so ripe they were about to be rotten. i complimented him on the fine fruits and set off on a lunch hour errand. i walked up the avenues and over to an out-of-the-way cvs i haven’t  been to in some time. soft rock played and i lingered over the shampoos, cotton balls and eye ball liquids i had come to purchase. for the fun of it, i even did a self-check out! and wasn’t harried in the least when an alarm went off signaling my maligned swiping.

stuff and nonsense! i was nonplussed and pleased that the cvs employee was not only helpful, but also alert.

but i was not prepared for the banana that was about to enter my life.

i decided to dilly and dally down 10th ave and was marveling at some misty and mysterious, not to mention minacioso (that’s “threatening” to you anglophiles!) clouds. my what a grey day! but the shades were something to behold.


across the street i spotted a deli i have been known to patronize on occasion. in the window was a cheerful display of fruits and–voila!–some bananas in a basket.

i entered the deli whereupon i inspected the yellow objects. there was one i eyed who appeared to be on the verge of such ripeness as to be mistaken for rotten. but then my eye caught another. he made an arc shape to the point of cartoonishness. yes, my friends, this was my banana. and a perfect yellow hue to boot.

the shape of a smile

i approached the deli counter to purchase my ware when another patron approached the counter at nearly the same time. just a half step behind me. he was an older gentleman who very much resembled an actor friend of mine.

denzel and i go way back

perhaps he had a bit more salt in his hair than denzel. he sported a well cut khaki colored suit and jovially remarked, “just the banana for you?”

i said, “ooh, well i have my lunch at work.” (in this instance, i preferred to speak in the vernacular of regular folk who don’t say, “the office i frequent mondays through fridays”)

“well, let me buy it for you,” he said.

i blushed as only this kippy can! surely he was teasing and put his little salad on the counter.

the cashier deli girl rung up the man’s insalata.

“i’d like to buy you more, but if that’s all you’re having then so be it!” the handsome man proclaimed, turning a steady eye to the cashier girl to ring up the banana as well.

she obeyed and 35 cents were added to the gentleman’s total.

“would you like a bag for that?” the man asked.

“i already have one,” i said, looking down at my satchel full of eye ball liquid, cotton and shampoo. (purchased for a mere 89 cents, what a steal!)

“ah, i see” he said.

nervous and unsure of how we would exit the deli, i did an old trick. i held the banana up to my ear, like a phone, and protested with mock consternation, “i gotta go!”

this produced a hearty chuckle from my banana man benefactor, and a giggle from the cashier girl.

“well, off you go then!” the man retorted and i spun on my heel and went out the door.

how rude of me to not properly thank this fine feathered friend! i hope this message finds him doing well and enjoying the fruits of his labor. (wink!) plus, i meant to compliment him on his beautiful dancing eyes. those orbs danced with the mischief that only a fellow master, or mistress, of mischief knows!

alla prossima,


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