handwritten notes and a homecooked meal

mes amis–

yesterday i was inconsolably sad. nothing could be done to ameliorate the grave circumstances of a childhood home on the brink of being forever lost. it was the realization of official homelessness and the start of unwanted real adulthood coupled with an otherwise perfect spring day shook me.

almost gone but not forgotten

but what a wonder when a kindly friend took pity on this kippy and invited me for hot chocolate. what began as a chocolately endeavor turned into a savory evening of good company, ginger chicken and the companionship of two delightful chien. ma quanto adoro i cani! one day i’ll get me one.

that's what i call a cute toot!

on another note (literally) i just received a hand written one thanking me for taking a meeting in the midst of my usual whirlwinds. the handwritten note is indeed a lost art form. one i must strike up again myself.

crane's is my go to stationary

nothing says sexy like good stationary and poor penmanship!

i have been accused of having “the handwriting of an adolescent boy,” an insult-cum-compliment i have reveled in far more often than i’d care to admit.

c’est tout!


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