things i’ve been meaning to mention

mes amis–

il y a beaucoup de temps. but let that not stop us from mentioning the things we’ve been meaning to pen.

[1] first: a post entitled “lefty loosey righty tighty

to be published the day after valentine’s day, feb. 14 2012, in which i would opine on the domesticity of love and the maddening moments of assembling ikea furniture.

read the directions the whole way through

let the old adage “lefty loosey righty tighty” be damned (!) esp. when one is not following all the instructions but trying to intuit furniture assembly from a place of feeling and internal logic. my man was done with a far more complex task in less time than my mini foot stool required and i was all the more grateful to have him in my life. although i would be grateful either way.

a nice heart shape

[2] second: a post to be called “a master at work

in this post there would be mention of the ever fabuloso play map of virtue by the inimitable master playwright erin courtney. this kippy caught wind of readings over the summer and was blown away at the readiness of production (which was viewed the evening of feb. 14 amidst excellent company). how fine it is to see a play unfolding with all of its elements aligned. the writing was up to snuff of course (this is only to be expected from the likes of ms. courtney) .. but so was the direction, acting and design. it was an all star team and to have all cogs in a wheel working together toward an apex  of performance is indeed a rare treat! the effect was delirious, dizzying, and fittingly disturbing! brava to master courtney and her fine group of artists.

map of virtue

speaking of good artistic group-troupes i must here also mention the very excellent you, my mother wherein i mistook some of the writing for gertrude stein. oops! the genie costumes were genie and worn with aplomb. ooh and also i must make note of the dreamy and stark early plays by the wooster group and mr. maxwell. what expertly executed methods to let listeners hear o’neill’s peculiar vernaculars. what stage pictures. and what good looking actors. bravi a tutti…!

early plays

[3] a post to be called “ponderous ponderings

a chunk of text wherein this kippy ruminates on the big picture and the great beyond. details include the doldrums of mid-winter, the difficulties of directing “devised” (what a loathsome word!) work, and the general feelings of malaise one encounters upon nearing completion of a fun period of time in life (ie when the end of an MFA comes into view … not that this kippy would know anything about that. MFAs are for the birds in my view! i for one, relate more to frogs. or toads, for that matter…

hold on tight!

mr. toad’s wild ride out,

ps i almost forgot the most important mention. the passing of this fine singer from the monkees. ooh and poor whitney too. rip.


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