love me some winter

mes amis–

i am not one for “favourite” seasons (note my spelling anglais!) … but i do love me some winter. while the holiday season is over—thank heavens!—i am most pleased to return to this darkest of seasons… the days are getting brighter. just a glimmer longer. i didn’t have to turn on a lamp until 5:15pm hier soir!

indeed, i was pleased as punch last night (and this morning too) to be scurrying along to various activities (play viewing, the office i attend mondays through fridays), breathing in the clean and crisp wintery air under a toasty woolen jacket (an heirloom … not a hair loom, mind you!)

trachten aus österreich von macintosh!

… ah was brisk pleasantness… and pleasant briskness!

not to mention  savoury winter wonders! does risotto al funghi have the same appeal on a sweltering summer’s day? and what about the root vegetables? hmm? i had a heavenly parsnip soup in cambridge earlier this month at hungry mother. what a creamy confection it was! most palatable indeed. ooh and the roasted brussel spouts (a recent favourite!) and butternut squash (always a classic in my book). my mouth waters as i type these most vainglorious of vittles!

do yourself a favor and add some parmigiano reggiano to yours!

allora, that’s all for now. you should catch mickey and sage when it bows again at the incubator arts project this coming fall. as well as a certain gunga wunga i’ve been hearing much talk of. the bushwick starr should rename itself the bushwick lodestarr, a mon avis.

and that’s all for now!

ps. tonight a playwrights meeting of high historic proportions will take place and i am most excited!


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