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mes amis,

il y a beau coup de temps… mais beau coup! pardon me, but as you know, this website is just for fun. so i demure, even at the swift passage of time, to just post for the sake of posting!

the current year

now then. happy 2012. and happy lunar new year, etc. what’s the fuss about the year of the dragon? i am not sure. but i do recall being a young lass, back in ’88 and making contributing to a dragon mural with a tiny piece of paper to serve as a scale alongside my classmates at a public school in the northeast. perhaps not far from beantown!

puff the magic dragon always manages to make me cry

allora, there are many other things to discuss. for example. what of the starr deli? that fine establishment in the borrough of brooklyn where “hunter stew” can be purchased along with “cheese salad.” over the years, i have received tiny huffs and puffs when i ask for pickles served up with my chicken salad. i do love it when people disapprove of my order!

well then. one day recently when there was no chicken salad, i decided to assay the turkey salad. much to my horror it was totally spoiled!

“it is because of the pickle” the no nonsense proprietress told me. lo!

i said, “no problem, i will just throw it away” and into the trash can the turkey salad and pickles went!

a justin beiber pickle!

the next time i graced the starr deli, it was with some trepidation. would there be curt remarks? awkward hellos? usually the proprietress and i say the following in a kindly and ceremonial manner: me: how are you doing? the proprietress: it’s ok.

as i placed the bottle of water and the salt and vinegar chips on the counter, the proprietress rang me up and said something to her younger helper. (a daughter? a granddaughter? hard to say) a small container was produced. “it is cheese salad,” the proprietress explained. “it is fresh. please. because you threw away the other last time.” i took the cheese salad warily. what could cheese salad consist of? i later found out: cheese. garlic. radishes. it was phenomenal. and it didn’t even have any pickles!

couldn't disagree more

in other news, this is totally junk.

and this is bound to knock your socks off one way or the others. i do believe a certain whippersnapper is playing a 76-year-old vietnam veteran with verve and aplomb. the times, they aren’t a changing!



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