hell is other people // festival of lights // the fates

mes amis

1. hell is other people

as we all know hell is other people. thanks, jean paul sartre for this fine summation of what it is like to live life on earth! allora, i was most reminded of this fine quote the other day when i was on the metro system. (just what metropolis will have to remain a mystery!)

check out the sinage

with pain in my tum, and two tacos awaiting my voracious consumption, i moved to sit down. a snippity lady stood in my way though, taking my spot, and making me move to another post in a row of well bundled new yorkers (oops! gave my locale away).

va bene.

it was the L train if you must know.

the line best known for its strapphangers with asymetrical haircuts and unattractive facial hair

the snippity lady started flipping through pages of a magazine. time out new york, i’ll have you know, whose information is not nearly as dire as say the pages of my beloved new york. oh my! how the pages flipped. more like snapped. i thought she might tear a page off! there were then some huffs and puffs.

meanwhile, the older gentleman next to me took out a tin tub of burt’s bees wax hand cream. he opened up the tin and started greasing up his hands with the stuff. i comiserated silently. yes it is winter. and i too suffer from an unsupple hand but oh! must we wax up in the subway? it was called olive oil hand wax or some such repulsive notion.

snap! went a magazine page.

the man reached back in his bag for more wax. the poor soul!and so it went. snap! sigh. wax on. sigh. wax off. snap!

2. festival of lights

my friends and cohorts–i went to the most impromptu and delightful festival of lights soiree hier soir! oh my! could the etymology of soiree have to do with soir? i must investigate. so much for an early morning soiree! allora, much of the part had already happened so my companion and i provided a bit of fresh blood. though i was full from a gluten free feast, i munched on about 10 latkes (ok maybe just two) and ladled them with sour cream and apple sauce. ooh divinity!


what’s more, we then played a rowdy came of latke bingo. too many menorahs and dreidels to count! not to mention my favorite image which we called “elegant candles” with you guessed it. ooh and the rainbow menorah was good too. made me reflect fondly on the penguin menorah of my youth.

deja vu? this kippy has used this image before.

i look forward to the continuation of this festival of lights and am pleased it overlaps with the evergreen fur tree holiday. hmph!

i love a cartoon tree

3. the fates

my friends. just yesterday i was organizing and arranging some domestic affairs and unearthed the postcard of  the bill cunningham documentary. what a tender joy it was to rediscover i still had it! naturally i put it on display. then, as fates would have it, i got a late evening text from a dear soul who was watching that very film! enraptured, and with a face wet from tears, i can only imagine his heart, like mine, swelled with love as the film unfolded.

he who seeks beauty will find it!




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