una bibliotecha tanto bella: la bapst at boston college

amici miei

it was with considerable consternation (and anticipation) that i clicked through flavorwire’s listing of the 25 most beautiful college libraries in the world.

i may poke fun of my alma matter ogni tanto. sure we have living quarters called the mods where good ideas go to perish.

the mods of boston college

they were built in the 50s as temporary housing units and intended to be destroyed. so much for building!

nevertheless, if you know me, you understand i possess a deep rooted, perhaps irrational, hometown pride for my beloved “high school on the hill” as one pundit put it. boston college may have a good deal of coeds interested in cohabitation and beer–but it also boasts a strong student body committed to social justice, free thinking and of course philo-sophia that the love of wisdom, i cherish so dearly.

plato is my brother

imagine my continual irk as i kept clicking and spotted other less lovely libraries in such far flung places as england, portugal, and–the most exotic of all–berkeley california. (the ugliest indeed, in this kippy’s estimation. more like jerk-ley!)

imagine my crestfall computer-lit face as i came to slide 24 and clicked in hopeful anticipation to see my beantown school. and there it was. dear old bapst. i nearly let out a cheer.

dear old bapst a gothic delight

no–i never studied in this place. it was too stodgy, cold, and ill-lit for my tastes. moreover, it was just too pretty a place in which to focus! i preferred the o’neill. a functional locale where i could plop myself and my brain (and my books)  in front of a large second floor window and stare out longingly at the skyline of my beloved home city in the distance. oh youth!

no caption needed! boston speaks for itself

allora. that’s all for today. that and this bizarre statement about how theatre of the absurd is dead. hm! absurd indeed. i disagree entirely.

ciao for now,


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