good lawd! where has 2011 gone?

mes amis–

il y a beaucoup de temps that i do not write. i have no good excuse other than that life is for the living! my favorite holiday–thanksgiving–has come and gone. along with a half birthday and world aids day. but fret not. to tide over both friends and foes i have put together a holiday wish list.

but kippy, kippy winston,” you cry, “what holiday do you celebrate?

my reply? festivus, of course!

1. a time keeping device for my wrist please. swatch would do but i do quite the offerings from alessi.

alessi watch

2. time! that is, free time. please. spent with you. preferably. look at these students enjoying free time with each other.

people enjoying free time!

3. beauty. that is, art work. below i have put a good option from the fine people at 20×200.

good for gluten free art viewers!

4. an end to all nose bleeds! a start to working with agencies! a start to working with magazine you see in the image above! a moratorium on obligation theatre viewing! a birth of language learning and helping those less fortunate than myself! a splotch-stop on solipsistic thinking!

new harmony utopia

5. pretty much anything from this website and the book i ordered from a few weeks ago that has yet to arrive. most irksome!

"toilet time" will flush dec. 12 at 7.30 at dixon place.

also: i would like to know who had been futzing and redesigning the google website. i am sure there was a reason for this at one time or another but as a user of free content i must say: nobody asked me!

a bientot mes amis. i promise to be better behaved when next week meet across the interwebs.


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