aw man, funk that

my friends and citizens–

as you know, i generally refrain from political ruminations. that chit chat is best left to pundits, and i’m just a puntwit! but i was awoken last night with news of the OWS raid and was very disheartened.

sure i had found zucotti park kind of sad and more than a little quixotic when i saw it a week ago today… yet it also filled me with a sense of pride and joy that people were able to come together and talk about ideas. how good of the gov’t to let them gather and pitch their tents.

if i were a lower manhattan resident, i’d probably have been mad about the drumming. but it was a public space. and to raid it so late in the night just seems very unfair in a platonic sense of the word. couldn’t they have cleared the park in a kinder way? couldn’t they have donated the 5,000 books to a library?

here is the image that is on the nytimes website right now. the sky is grey and i do believe that is how many of us are feeling at the moment.

an empty zucotti park

and good g-d. the leaves have changed color. how have i missed that? non ci sono piu i mezzi stagioni, there are no longer the middle seasons, and no longer the hope of a little movement of idealistic disgruntled tent people.


ps note this: “On Nov. 15, 1969, a quarter of a million protesters staged a peaceful demonstration in Washington, D.C., against the Vietnam War.”–nytimes


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