discretion confession, or an upcoming reading

mes amis–

i usually do not do this, but this is a press release of sorts for the gals and gulls of half straddle to link to. read on w/ discretion.

“The Brooklyn College Department of Theater, in association with Mac Wellman, Erin Courtney and the Graduate Playwriting Department, cordially invites you to a reading of Asleep at the Wheel by MFA candidate Eliza Bent, the second installment in a monthly play-in-progress reading series.

As described by the initmitable Ken Greller:

Marissa and Louis are stuck in a rut. They are underpaid at not-for-profit dead-end jobs, their souls are slowly being sucked away and everyone around them just might be a little bit insane. In a loose confederation of scenes as witnessed by Eliza Bent, Asleep at the Wheel provides cutting edge reportage of the dwindling non-profit and paints a strange, scary and hilarious landscape of what it means to be young, broke and angry in America.

This reading of Asleep at the Wheel is on
Friday, November 18
at 2:30 PM
in the Tanger Auditorium
in the library at Brooklyn College.

Directed by MFA directing alumnus, Stephen Kaliski, curated by Andy Buck, an MA candidate in Theater History, with design consultation by MFA Design candidate, Nikki Cammack.

The cast includes faculty, current students and acting alumni: Tom Bullard, Gary Cowling, Kristi Dana, Amanda Holsten, Layla Khoshnoudi, Jeremiah Maestas, Emma Myers, Antonevia Ocho-Coultes, Jeremy Ping and Skyler Sullivan.

Please join us for our second collaboration with the Playwriting Department, and to support the development of another unique new voice in contemporary American Theater.”

allora, c’est ca!


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