cord.u.roy boy oh boy

my friends and fellow earth citizens,

first: a happy veterans day to you. or rather, a somber veterans day to you. let us give thanks and remember the brave men and women who have had to endure the horrors of war so that others have not to.

next: happy corduroy day! boy oh boy. cord. u. roy! today is the widest of whales. i felt a fool when i left my abode this morning in evening wear (fit for the opera tonight i am!) and then realized i am not wearing corduroy on my favorite holiday. curses! i will, however, attend something even more hard to get into than the proper corduroy appreciation party, and that is, of course, venus in furs. i do not see the hour!

i said in my last missive that i would take on joe’s pud and their 10 drink minimum. rather i will just remind you all to be aware of the drink minimums (or maximums as the case may be!) and the 7 dollar cranberry juices that lurk.

at least you won’t get a uti!



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