give the gulls some pizza, occupy and upcoming

mes amis,

i know i have been bad at my communiques of late. life is just too busy! nevertheless, i understand that great shakes occurred monday evening at the hallowed bushwick starr where they read a play by some emerging playwright whose name i am forgetting. i do hope to catch the hotel colors one day in a fully staged way!

in other news, i understand the gulls (girls) of half straddle are clamoring to get a good din din the day of their tour on nov. 18. read about it here:

“After a VERY successful one-night midtown tour at the Heartland Brewery and Prelude (aka PreyLewd) in mid-October, Half  Straddle is back for round two and they need YOUR help! The multi-facted multi-disciplinary afternoon evening starts at Brooklyn College with Eliza Bent’s reading of Asleep at the Wheel, a musical about not for profits and then travels to Carrol’s Garden with Erin Markey’s Dardy spectacular. She’s been working on it since women got the right to vote. So let’s put the suffering back in suffrage! The gaggle of gulls will then high tail it to the LES to prepare for Here You Go a one-off of tall order, a fuck you to the Dicks in Place with lots of high romp and rumble for your tumble. Featuring Eliza Bent’s Benjamin Button exit, Julia S-F’s mime sewing and tea whimper, Emily Emily Davis’s hair and acting, Becca Blackwell’s fart murmers, Erin Markey’s crazy eyes and Jess Barbagallo’s peep squeaks and Tina Satter’s butt. Here You Go is a show not to be missed and will be a night to remember. November 18. Has a ring, don’t it? Be part of the fun and help fund the gluten-free pizza the gulls will consume as they prepare for Here You Go. They will think of you and thank you for the good digestion that will ensue.”

tax-deductible donations can be made through half straddle’s website.

in other news, last night i happened upon zucotti park. it was dear and dreamy and kind of pathetic. i was too overwrought to judge properly and the young man singing the songs of bright eyes both moved and annoyed me. how to deal with politics and effecting change without being totally corny?! i just don’t know… perhaps i’m less of a revolutionary and more of a revultionary. hmmph! and i even have a secret love of those bright eyes songs, that’s what confounds me the most!

the man from bright eyes

my next post will discuss joe’s pud and their absurd two drink minimum. also: i want to take a moment to acknowledge the passing of andy rooney. rip my friend and comrade. rip.



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