the hotel colors

mes amis–

many things to write and update on. caught an episode of broadway the other night, which is to say i took in chinglish, david henry hwang’s latest play. i was most pleased to run into various glitterati and feel like a vip. also i quite liked the play! the stars were dreamy and i too most pleasure in the various language games at play.

speaking of language games and plays. you must go and see the hotel colors on monday evening nov. 7th at the bushwick starr at 8pm. it is sure to be a fancy feast of the eyes and ears. great downtown stars are performing in it and–i am told–there will be fine people watching in the audience, too. a gal can hope!

and who doesn’t love a rumination on hostels and travels and problems of language, hmm?

be there or be a square!

ciao for now,


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