strange changes, or, when the layout works don’t mess it up

mes amis–

bridesmaid duties called me to one of my favorite manhattan haunts this morning. yes, my friends. you guessed correctly. i popped into daffy’s of soho on a mission.

but what did my eyes see? a whole new store layout! and let me tell you: je n’aime pas ce nouveau layout! ca c’est terrible. the mens and womens sections are now higgledy-piggledy with fancy dresses atop and shoes on the basement level. quel horreur!

not to mention the lingerie section. in the days of my youth (..that is, all of five months ago..) it sat tucked into the far back right corner of the netherlevel, leaving one free to amble and peruse all sort of sundry items. not to mention salacious! in short, one could blush in private.

now, the section lies front and center next to the dressing rooms…open for all to see as you search for your size or your color palette  (or perhaps that of your bosom friend who is a bride-to-be). hmmph!

i hoped, upon nettlesome navigations, that i might find a new bounty of felina, la cosa and mary green but au contraire! there was a true dearth. nevertheless, my sleuthing skills did unearth some gems and i look forward to traveling to the breadbasket of gli stati uniti to enjoy gluten free pasta, a ceremony of love and perhaps–if i am lucky–a couple rounds of bite the bag.

ciao for now!

ps the riot in oakland is very distressing… but for today all i could deal with penning was stuff of daffys. next time i will address serious topics!




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