“here you go” … lost and now found

mes amis,

fascinating news.

british sitcom here you go was thought to have gone missing after the the pilot episode aired March 17 1974. apparently the episode was considered so bad and in such lewd artistic taste, that a small riot in bollingsworth ensured. (it is purported that the general store owner stamped his foot and called it hooey while the town clerk let loose on a cow riding the cow around town and calling out “woah there ding dong sally”.) authorities moved to curtail any further showings of the series out of concern for public safety. all episodes from season one were thought to have been destroyed.

until recently.

an estate sale in bollingsworth, the same town where the riot of ’74 occurred, tells a different tale. sally mather, an 84 year old life long resident of bollingsworth says she has “no idea” how a copy landed in her possession but locals do call her a witch.

here you go chronicles the misadventures of two deranged sisters who seem to have stepped out of a grey gardens gone wild. they help out with local art projects. one of them dates the town bum while the other is a self-proclaimed spinster, and the two get up to all kinds of mischief in this romping tale of well intentions gone dreadfully awry. it is believed that here you go was some kind of commentary on britian in the 1970s but watching the series today proves it is nothing short of spineless drivel. albeit very entertaining drivel at that.

here is an image from the pilot episode entitled “spray day.”



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