yom kippy

good afternoon fellow earthlings,

today is yom kippur for some. but it is yom kippy for me! now obviously, pour moi, every day is yum kippy. on yom kippy, however, i atone and repent and think of my lesser deeds, much like my brethren who observe yom kippur. om, yom, shanti and kippy. good fast to those who are observing.



allora, last night i saw the divine 3 2’s: or afar at dixon place by the spelndiferous mr swellman. it was a fine evening of theatre but i don’t know if the playwright was aware that his title riffs on the 2010 belarus eurovision entry!

lastly i share with you this popular meme i saw a lot on facebook today.

dude’s got a point!

peut etre ce soir i will mosey on down to wall street to obverse the occupiers and try to feel a connection to my homeland and its people. i hope the occupiers know that “occupy” has almost militaristic connotations. no one’s doing my laundry…zing!



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