stealing is good

my friends and fellow country citizens–

in triumph of the nerds steve jobs said “good artists copy, great artists steal.”

steve jobs


i am more familiar with the phrase, “good poets borrow, great poets steal.”

get wasted, or ts eliot. the wasteland

nevertheless, it can be concluded that stealing is good!

as some of you may know, i dabble in the realm of playwriting from time to time. my master professor and sensei (先生) often tells me, while i toil away on an assignment, to steal something i like from a great play i am reading. it is not terrible advice.

then again said sensei has informed me and other studenti to write as if we are aliens, or rather, to write as if we are explaining human life to aliens. that’s a good one too.

creppy alien!


it’s a shame i am suffering from writers block but surely worse maladies exist!

lastly, steve jobs invented really cool things. what a genie. rip.

ciao for now,



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