occupy this (or, coffee soirees)

my friends and fellow citizens,

can you believe this hullabaloo about occupy wall street? when i heard about it, i thought, ‘ooh, how quaint.’ but then today i logged on to that nefarious web of social doom (facebook) only to see that people are doing the laundry of smelly occupiers on wall street. hmph! i am rather amused. let them have their coffee soiree. at least the tea party clan knows when to send for dry cleaning!

and speaking of that nefarious web of social doom, i will now post the two most amusing things i saw on it today. after all, no one cares about content anymore, just retwatting! everyone seemed to have this one:

how d’do! you go, girl.

this one, however, i only spotted once:

the wit who put this as a status quipped “i can’t handel it!”

i would say “no, he Kant!” ho ho ho. i can already hear eager questioners asking, “who, kippy? who posted such a clever photo? will you reveal his or her name?”

all i can say in response is that i keep my friends close and the identities of my facebook pals private. zing!

that’s all for now.


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