the block is bad

mes amis–

i write in duress. that is to say, i am suffering from a severe bout of writers block. aiutami! help!

or if you prefer:

at least i am consuming episode upon episode of louie. mama mia. what a show! i didn’t know a show could be like that! is watching louie spurring more block or is it just alleviating the pains of procrastination? i don’t know if an answer exists, but i am willing to entertain guesses. perhaps if i plead hard enough louie himself will answer.

doubt it.

quoi d’autre? had a very inspiring visit to the invisible dog friday evening. the art people were out in abundance and despite the driving rain theatre–in the form of readings–was m

in other news, i am desperately trying to be a real adult. i even went grocery shopping today and bought gum. ooh the pains of consumer choices! ooh living!

very earnestly yours,


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