luke cafferty and recolections of hurricane bob

mes amis–

today is friday, and naturally i have friday night lights on the brain. if you haven’t seen this fine piece of television literature, i strongly urge you to not clic but double click over to your instant netflix!

truly, i am jealous of those who have not yet seen this fine series. i too could watch it again for the first time.

the other day i was walking with a friend in the building where i spend my mondays through fridays… and guess who we spotted: this adorable toot!

yes mes amis, he is as bowlegged as modern day cowboy. and as already mentioned cute as a toot.a i wonder just what matt luria was up to… perhaps auditioning for some chekhov play? or another tv series? a gal can wonder…

now then. as we know: hurricane-a-comin’!

when i was young lass i recall spending the summer on cape cod and getting wind (literally!) of hurricane bob the night before it struck. my mother seemed to think nothing of it. but sure enough, the next day, the winds and sky were portentous in tone as we went grocery shopping. by the time we exited the market, the store was full of nervous shoppers stocking up on dry goods. (my mother and i just needed a carton of milk!)

meanwhile, my father had driven back to beantown, where he spends his mondays through fridays doing financial things. so it was just my mother and moi. ooh how the wind howled! it was terribly frightening to be 10-years-old in the midst of a hurricane. at one point, my mom tried to have a nap, and i recall feeling delicious and delirious fright as i drew the thrashing trees beyond the finestra. good thing thing no one was defenestrated!

later that day, after the storm had quieted, my mother and i met up with our friends across the street to asses the neighborhood damage. mama mia! trees fallen into houses. bushes uprooted. flowers flattened. and telephone poles down! it was very exciting.

no electricity meant playing pilgrim.

so my mother and i played scrabble by candlelight. when we unearthed the wooden letters we also unearthed a pack of cigarettes! “someone must have been trying to quit,” my mom said referring to the people who had rented our cottage weeks before. “they must have forgotten where they hid these.”

how peculiar, i thought. what a vile habit! but then, much to my dismay, i watched in horror as my mom took a cigarette out of the box, leaned close to the candle, and lit it. “i used to smoke, you know,” she said, exhaling a grey puff of air. “good thing i quit before i married your fahther!” she laughed, taking another drag.

i burst into tears. my mother? smoking? it was too horrible to conceive of. naturally she snuffed out the ciggie and gave me a hug and kiss, telling me not to worry and that she had quit long ago. moreover, she would not be taking it up any time soon.

i do believe it was the first time i ever saw my mother as some fallible human and not the goddess i took her to be.

well then. hmph!  story time over.

to those on the east coast of the stati uniti, stay safe in the hurricane! meanwhile, enjoy sipping on one! (wink!)




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