missing the assholes

mes amis–

now that i am residing in the country side (some call it brooklyn) i have come to miss the assholes of manhattan.

yes mes amis, i have given up my pied-a-terre in lower manhattan in exchange for a palatial, even ponderous, pad in the borough that rhymes with brookline.

brookline, massachusetts

a few evenings ago i met up with friends at what is sure to become a favorite haunt. cafe pacifico. where there were tacos and margaritas a plenty!


approaching the eatery, however, i was surrounded by guilty looking liberals with poor posture… sporting well-worn tote bags and vintage attire. it was a far cry from the scene at dos caminos, par example. (not that i have ever eaten there once.) at least the assholes in manhattan wear their wealth on their sleeves! hmph! they also wear deoderant too. zing! ooh and fake tans. and blow outs. two things i haven’t seen much of in le ‘lyn. it feels strange to be a frump among frumps. but perhaps it just takes some getting used to. not to mention the commute!

anyhoozle. i cannot complain. once my maison is in order i will be the belle of the ball hosting salons and other such cultural soirees.

speaking of which. i swung through of a kind‘s sample sale hier soir and it was divine! naturally i had to pair such a high with a little low and so i popped into dojo afterwards … where they practically pay you to eat.

a bientot,


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