why i j’adore les emoticons

mes amis–

it has occurred to me in recent weeks that i am a minority. one of very few. in fact, a dying breed. yes my friends. i love emoticons.

pourquoi you ask? i will tell you. it is tres simple! the emoticon signals to others that you are not overly serious and that you do not take yourself too seriously. that is redundant kippy! you say. but in fact you are missing a greater subletly. i will let you ruminate on that one…

another find reason to use an emoticon? it makes you seem vaguely european. and who does not want to appear vaguely european? plus, you are in touch with your inner tween when using a cute face. both are fine reasons to use l’emoticon. also sometimes words just don’t work, n’est pas? didn’t we learn anything about the limits of language from our fine philosopher friends??! sometimes it’s good to undercut those overly though-out, cleverly put, almost brimming-with-pretension texts and emails with a little winking smiling face.

how cute.

allora, quoi d’autre? if i had a television i would be watching this. reminds me that i need to finish that old anna karenina. and start up with war and reeces pieces while i am at it…! peacefully. heh. quel horreur! i am so unread.

as long as i am admitting embarrassing things, allow me to describe a dream. i dream of working for manhattan mini storage. for i j’adore their ad campaigns!

there are other more sharp tounged ones that i will save for another day…but i would like to meet the wit (wits) who brew these up. reveal yourselves please! and: are you hiring?

ahh. one last thinga-ma-jig. i was recently on the western shores. and it occurred to me that i have seen more of the pacific this summer than the atlantic. quel double horreur! a sad fact that will soon be rectified. allora. while i was in the western zones, i popped into atlas cafe, a fine dining establishment with a stellar pork sandwich and a helpful and friendly wait staff.

whilst munching and chatting with amici miei i mistakenly left behind a personal item that floats from handbag to tote bag and back. a little “dop kit” of sorts… or one may call it a cosmetic case. i have been foolish enough to also unload the occasional earring when it bothers me and therefore a number of special troves have found their way into this small case. not to mention essentials like ibuprofen, bobby pins, lip gloss and yes even the occasional small cotton item (ladies–you know what i mean!)

allora. i was bereft thinking it was gone. but low and behold. a kind employee from cafe-atlas-cafe (been around the world and i i i–i can’t find my baby) called me saying he had root tooted his way into the case and found a zip drive (this trinket didn’t concern me much… my kippy thoughts are always tucked away in my kippy brain anyway!) he had cleverly opened a resume document (don’t know why i have one since i am self-employed…) and called my greater-boston-area-code number. heavens! what a kind soul. and kinder still is my excellent SF-based artist friend who has collected this small personal gem. eccolo qua:

allora. ca c’est tout for now. until next time.

ps. seeing some fine music tonight. arms and doll parts. non vedo l’ora!


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