toilet time, mean extreamists, and upcoming travels

mes amis—

a quick missive on this monday.

toilet time flushed. someone passed out from heat exhaustion. and the wine was warm. otherwise, the banana bag and bodice benefit (or bennie as i like to say) was  a grandiose success. i wish those cute toots all the success in the world as they travel across the atlantic this summer!

speaking of across the atlantic, i am so deeply saddened by the ongoings in norway and the passing of ms winehouse. the guardian had some very interesting articles and blog postings about what happened in oslo. and npr had a very shrewd report this morning about the rise of far right extremist parties as predicted in the crime fictions of stieg larsson.

if only we could all be aristotelian and reasonable! let’s be done with fundamentalisms of all stripes, shall we? and yet, i suppose i am being “intolerant” by not tolerating intolerance. what a kippy-conundrum! the dog bites its own tail.

quoi d’autre? i am greatly looking forward to some time spent on governor’s island later this week. it’s a poor man’s paradise, you know. it’s only a 7-minute ferry ride from manhattan but feels worlds away. then a trip to california to reunite with old bosom friends and to celebrate the matrimony of two young lovers.

but perhaps most important: i dream of corporation beach. cape cod is no saint tropez. accuse it of being prosaic or without style. it may be quotidian  and full of boston accents, but i love it dearly and will defend it to the dirt.

ciao for now,

ps. if you haven’t heard about of a kind’s fiction contest, now you have!


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