toilet time, the us post office, and other ruminations

my friends and felllow citizens,

prepare yourself for toilet time at the banana bag & bodice benefit tomorrow evening at 8pm at abrons art center. i have heard that toilet time will “drop” (wink!) around 8:40pm. be there or be a (toilet paper) square.

yesterday i had to laugh. as i finished mailing an item in a square envelope (extra postage needed) the troll-like post master who had helped me gurgled forth, “thank you for using the us postal service. have a nice day.”

i wanted to reply, “with whom else would i do business?!” i didn’t want to be rude though, and kept my amusement to myself. i still recall the days when letter cost just a quarter of a dollar. my how times have changed. isn’t it a shame that postal mail will one day be obsolete? while i quite like an electronic missive, the handwritten letter is dear and endearing and this kippy hopes: enduring!

an old salt reminded me of some former wisdom i spewed on a comedy blog. this is a kippy’s greatest hits moment:

“First of all: extricate yourself from that Not-For-Profit! They are named that way for a reason…as neither your bank account nor your soul will prosper. Both will be trim and slim! Though the great Kate Moss once said, “Nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels,” I always say your soul should be plump as a dump! (And if your bank is just as zaftig, va bene. It’s nice to not feel destitute, n’est pas?)”

don’t melt out there,


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