remember when things were built to last?

my friends and fellow citizens,

remember when things were built to last? only just now did i read the message i have been spotting on my browser for the last few weeks. something about an update for mozilla firefox. ok, i think, va bene. i will upgrade if it means smoother sailing.

click! and then what do my eyes see? a message that reads “the new version of firefox gonzilla is incompatible with your current operating system.” … quoi?! incompatible?? usually personalities are incompatible but not operating systems! rudine. i am flummoxed to the flim flam. i have only bought this mac apple book in 2006. why must it play tricks on me now?

why can’t these machines be built to last? surely our forefathers and mothers would have a grave reckoning over the wear-it-once clothing and throw-away-furniture that dominates our bodies and living spaces. and that’s not all. last night i was watching my new favorite serial series while eating cereal. the it crowd. such hilarity! such endearing actors and genie set ups. and then what do my eyes spy? a frozen screen capture of some contorted face … but the sound keeps playing. thus throwing off the timing of the joke! i will admit, for a moment i felt appreciative that i do not suffer from blindness… but still. hmph!

i hear the new airbook will be out soon. but is that what i really want? more important: is that what this kippy really needs? though i tout a life of glamor, i will never betray my spend thrift roots which were honed at such new england stores as the christmas tree, benny’s, and ocean state job lot!

mes amis, there is so much more i want to say. just now, before penning this pondering, i was on the phone with a friend, colleague, and part-time lover (!) discussing various projects and plans. anyhoozle, he is off in zambia living the life of riley. there was so much more i wanted to go over and poetry that needed voicing, but he was being called to supper by some spring chicken. a young temptress to be sure! ‘ok, bye!’ i called out before clicking hang up. later i received a stern sms telling me not to cut conversations short. harrumph! i disagree entirely.

this got me thinking back to a conversation i had many years ago with a childhood friend who understood exactly this irksome conundrum of ending a phone call. quite simply: the wind up (or wind down) at the end of a phone chit chat, discourse, or dialogue is very often superfluous. especially with good friends and loved ones. do proper people who are pals really need such pleseantries of ‘ok…well…i should really get going…’ (and always with a modicum of pity in the voice)???

to which the other person responds, ‘oh, ok… yeah me too…’ (with such usual fake sounding apology ..??) ((no! it is  intolerable!)) after which follows more mostly meaningless chatter….???

‘oooh wait, did you hear about that person we aren’t really friends with…??’
‘noooo, whaaaat???’

instead intimates should tell each other: ‘ok, end of conversation!’ to which the other may reply, ‘end of conversation!’ … thus marking the end of a conversation. it can be friendly and efficient. if you are really friends or family surely you will understand. i am certain the world would be a better place for it.

upcoming kippy topics include bag-free super markets and how much space your junk really needs in your trunks. so stay tuned!

a bientutti frutti,

ps sad news: the first performance of toilet time , slated for july 21, has been canceled due to the fact that the venue, royal oak, has closed. sad times in the comedy world. i know i could use a laugh. wacka wacka.


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