awed (and odd!) and other tid bits

mes amis,

i have been decidedly spotty in my missives lately. my apologies. first an artful video sent to me from an old salt on cape cod.

second: did you know odd day has come and gone?  today (well, yesterday when this was drafted) seems rather odd too but the importance is to have three consecutive odd numbers. happens only 6 times a century!

for those of you who didn’t know, last week was belly dance week in nueva york. how d’do! i find most bellies are not worth exposing and am always amazed by the brave souls who bare their midriffs. one must be toned, tanned and plucky to illicit such exposures! not to mention to pull those moves! thank goodness that the baby doll tees of the mid-90s are over. hmph!

(i could not find one suitable ugly photo from the mid-90s so opted for this desert delight. where is her audience i wonder!)

other tid bits: did you know that iceland might be making le sigarette prescription only? doctor! where are my smokes? che stranno.

also: prepare yourself. there are some upcoming projects i am involved with. i will be line producing an art film called my homeless boyfriend. another is a monologue performed by likes of a downtown performer. it is a study in scatology. i believe the working title is toilet time. we shall see … and smell!

ciao for now,


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