liber-tea, icecream, freedom!

my friends and fellow citizens,

as we enter into this holiday weekend, i wonder how many people will fare il ponte. or, “make the bridge” as they say in the land-shaped-like-a-boot (cioe: l’italia). when you fare il ponte, you make a bridge to include extra an holiday day. and who doesn’t enjoy holidays? i certainly do.

i also enjoy bacon…and apparently so do the libertarians! just look at what they were snacking on at the 2011 porcupine freedom festival in lacaster, nh!

imagine how a table must groan under the caloric-weight of such a bacon blanket! tasty indeed.

but we must be careful with bacon.

i recall in my youth being at a summer camp breakfast table when a particularly prickly camper asked my friends and i to pass the bacon basket.

we said, “sure, but there is no bacon left.” (it had been eaten.)

she repeated her request, growling: “pass me the bacon.”

we obliged.

to our horror, the prickly camper took her hand (or paw as the case may have been) and smeared it around the plastic bowl that had previously contained the now-consumed bacon. all that was left was spackle, grease, and fat.

the prickly camper held up her grease-smothered hand for us all to see. like a beacon of light, it shined with bacon bits and grease just for a moment before the prickly camper proudly licked it off her hand.

never before and never since have i see such a thing!

anyhoo, npr did an excellent story on the libertarian festival. i hope to attend next year as an observer…!

speaking of tasty treats: did you know that july is national icecream month? i did not. thank you president regan!

ciao for now,

ps some have called me the andy horowitz of the web. correction: i am the andy rooney of the net! (get the net.)

pps i quite enjoyed this article about if americans are lazy or not.


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