comedy at the carmedie club and rice milk

mes amis

while i may have enjoyed some broadway offerings recently, it was the comedy hier soir at jimmy’s 43–that east village austrian joint tucked away underground–that served up the funnies. i’m still having a chuckle!

the iconic comic karen davis was joined by her roommate, newcomer to the scene and poet,  joe rineauneau (rinono??). while i enjoyed both sets for different reasons (karen for the interminable squirms of existential discomfort and joe for the salacious poems and wiley deliveries) i couldn’t help but be most amused when imagining what the pair’s home life is like. just how did karen davis and joe rineauneau (rinono??) wind up living together?? do they share a breakfast routine?? have dinner together???  who cleans the toilet, damnit???!  i wonder just who steals whose milk–or should i say–almond breeze? blaaah. i prefer rice milk if i have to have an alternative to the elixir of cows.

anyhoo, the living arrangement of karen and joe shall remain a great mystery to this kippy! for i was uncharacteristically too shy to speak with them après performance. a rarity–i know!

time to start the day off right. now that i’ve had my espresso i think i will get dressed.

cheerio (wink!) and ciao for now!

ps another excellent aspect to last night’s performances were the gluten-free strawberry shortcake cupcakes. while they proved most difficult to eat in a stately manner, they made up for in scrumptiousness! can rice milk be whipped into oblivion to make for heavenly cream? i don’t think so!


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