o signore

my friends and fellow citiziens–

o signore. where to start? where to start? i have been on a tour of our great nothern american continent and return to gotham with fresh eyes and replenished artistic batteries! the paris of the north (montreal) provided great poutine… the gateway to the west or bugaha (omaha) made way for non-pareil artistic experiences… and various spots in that extra-terrestial planet we call california were wonderful wacky. all journeys in and of themselves. but my vagabond dog days of summer’s start are coming to a close. this kippy is getting to be too old for coach!

(this photo comes from a website called flying cattle)

allora. to reacquaint myself with smelly old new york i took in a matinee yesterday. and you will never guess what i saw: how to succeed in business without really trying. hmph! that daniel radcliffe is a spritely young fellow and it took all my might and muster to restrain myself from bounding onstage to join him in his lithesome (and lustrous) skips, hops, and jumps.what a winning smile that young man has!

ooh it was a fun show to watch! even that john larroquette was not so bad… (and in fact was quite delightful.) but is it true–c’est vrais??–that the harry potter look alike did not win an anthony (my term for tony?) quel horreur! what are these awards coming to?

anyhoo, this kippy must away. time to go to the office i frequent throughout the work week.

ciao for now!


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