ones @ eleven, connie chung, and puns

mes amis,

i don’t want to understate the importance of this event. but this friday may 20, 2011 at 11pm a very special person with whom i am intimately acquainted will be presenting a story as part of the ones @ eleven series at the solonova festival (hosted at ps 122). in short, it will be the event of the year.

just look at these cute toots!

allora…quoi d’autre? this morning i was riding the gondola to the office-where0i-sometimes-work and spotted a connie chung look alike. just like that! there she was. all hair spray and eighties chic. or was it more early nineties? this kippy is too pooped to do the requisite recherche. but doesn’t time sure fly? or, as they say in italiano: non ci sono piu i mezi stagioni. there are no longer the middle seasons! let us pause to consider that pesky latin phrase peppered on grave stones throughout beantown cemetaries: fugit hora memento mori: time flies, remember you are mortal. or, more literally: the hour flees, remember you are mortal.

anyway, seeing this doppleganger made me wonder: what ever happened to connie chung? is she still news casting? i always did appreciate that poofed hairstyle—even if rather labor intensive. perhaps this kippy will take a cue! it’s time for a hairy change. then again i don’t think i could ever do a serious fortress against learning as was so popular some 20 years ago. i mean, how could i live with myself?

i’m off to kazakhstan demain and need to get my beauty rest. report on the bowbies coming soon!


ps last night i dreamt of the recent pun contest i sadly did not attend. in the dream, a contestant was asked to name the punniest day of the week and the contestant responded “WASPensday” (as in wednesday). i was aghast/impressed and secretly rued the fact that i could never create such a pun. then, only upun waking… did i realize that i had indeed thought of that pun because it was in my dream after all. hmph!


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2 Responses to “ones @ eleven, connie chung, and puns”

  1. Fred Says:

    Hi Kippy,

    Ran across your blog. Sorry you were unable to attend a recent PUNDERDOME 3000 event. However, we’ll be at Southpaw on Tuesday, October 4th. link:

    Come say hello if you’re there!


    PUNDERDOME 3000 Host

  2. kippywinston Says:


    I have had a back log of comments … so please pardon my response en retard … !

    Thank you for your kind note. I missed the one on Oct 4. Tell me you and the pundits at PUNDERDOME 3000 might make this a weekly–or at least a monthly–event???

    All best,
    Kippy Winston

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