classical musique, baseball, and cupcakes

my friends and fellow citizens,

apparently my ruminations on relating opera to baseball have stirred a thinker’s thoughts! yes, mes amis, david lang opinionates in the nytimes on some correlations between the baseball arts and classical music spots. admittedly his analysis is bit more lengthy, articulate, and classical music focused. (i like his allusions to immigration and comparing past to present.)

but kippy said it first! (well, sort of.)

allora, quoi d’autre? has the backlash against cupcakes happened yet? this kippy is getting impatient. the other day some young couple in love told me how excited they were that a cupcake storefront was moving into their industrial neighborhood. first come the cupcakes then come the young professionals!

they are like guppies, those yuppies, to cupcakes.

guppies line up at magnolia in nyc

and might i say that most cupcakes these days (not made from a box) have a distressing frosting to cake ratio? too much frosting that sits in a chunk! you can’t just slab it on, the frosting should caress the cake it rests atop…! i may be svelte, but my sweet tooth is more than in tact—in fact, it is just a discerning one! cupcake sellers, please correct this saccharine ratio.


one last thought: the cake of a cupcake is all too often dry and crumbly. the cupcake should have the same moisture as a proper cake, but in different form! hmph! ooh and don’t get me started on (over)pricing!

this weekend i am off to my homeland. the town of beans. beantown. i cannot wait to hear the dear accents that marked my childhood, to ride on the rambling subway, and to eat tasty vittles that tickle the tastebuds.

a bientot!


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