john roberts! die walküre! nude shoes!

friends and frenemies,

in belated honor of mother’s day i wanted share with you two videos from one of my idols of artists: john roberts. i believe this one, “my son is gay,” was made first:

and this one, more blatently about mother’s day, second:

genie, no? john roberts you have a fan in the funnies and her name is kippy winston!

quoi d’autre? saw die walküre the other evening at the met. though i snoozed through quite a good portion of it (my eyelids were heavier than my will…to power! thanks nietzsche!), i thoroughly enjoyed all moments when my eyes and ears were on high alert. the drama! the passion! i do believe this kippy might become a serious opera fan one day. for the theatricality of something as absurd as opera… is so stylized… so outre… that i cannot but somehow believe it more than these kitchen sink, willy nilly “theatre” plays, which grovel in realism and in which actors use their ‘actor’ voices and not their human ones. hmph!

moreover having a nice doze and then awaking to rousing dramatic action reminds me of my days spent in beantown cheering for those once hopeless (now hope-filled!) red sox. observe.

on to other topics: have you noticed the nude trend?

nude footwear is every-ware! (probably fashion magazines have ‘dipped their toes’ into this topic, but i cannot be bothered reading those rags. too much life to live!) i do recall in previous years being quite averse to any vetment of a human shade, though i now find it quite elegant especially on les pieds. could this be because i myself own not one, but two nude shades of chasseurs? it’s a kippy conundrum, but one well worth exploring!

speaking of shopping, i am finding it rather difficile to stick to my new year’s resolution of not shopping for clothing. what a silly thing to have thought! my spring wardrobe is entirely lackluster. perhaps i will have to pop over to target at some point this season or go to a vintage shop in an out-of-the-way town or city.

yours in kippyland!


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