tante ma tante cose

mes amis,

i am not sure where to begin. for the world is changing quickly before our eyes! how embarrassing to be in a cab and hear the radio reporting how some people are celebrating a certain death. how crass. and yet, what can this kippy do? only observe human folly, i suppose! certainly my hero, bill cunningham, would never celebrate another human being’s death. rather, i imagine he would pray to higher g-ds in hopes of a brighter future.


quoi d’autre? i hate getting to political so allow me to introduce you to a fabulous ditty. listen here

catchy no?

ce soir, i’ll be making an appearance at at 3LD in honor of the TEAM benefit…or ‘benie’ as i like to say! i hear those half straddle gals are doing a medly of football plays complete with poms. one particularly pale insider even told me a new cheer has been devised in honor of a play titled “the gremlin.” i can only imagine!

in other topics, today is thursday and therefore i have doled out some sound advice here.

ah yes and save the date! a tale tale about mr. trump will be told late in the evening on may 20. have a campari and get ready for amusement (and perhaps an amuse bouche too!)

ciao for now,


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