omg! top g.l.o.c. post and the power of shay-gur

mes amis–

news flash! my post about mens wear is the TOP post on g.l.o.c. i am so thrilled. i would like to take a moment to thank all the clickers and city slickers! merci beyond measure.

quoi d’autre? i have discovered some fascinating information. coca-cola classic is quite sugary. this is common knowledge, to be sure. but take a look at this!

there were a string of other sugar induced images a certain wise, older gentleman (mon pere) sent to me in an email. i am known to have a hollow leg (just like mon pere!) and sweet tooth (again, mon pere) but i just might start watching what i crunch and munch(itate) on! let me reiterate…kippy is watching her weight!

at least one of my favorite condiments, ketchup, isn’t so bad.

(then again i see a rude little “organic” name attached to the bottle here)

i wonder how tarter sauce fares?? i am a slave to my tartar.

ciao for now!

ps for those of you who don’t know, shay-gur is the affectionate name my father and i gave to sugar when i was a child learning how to read and marveling at the labels on my sugar cereal boxes. no, sugar isn’t good for you…but shay-gur is great for the soul. tastes good too!


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