un’anima sensibile

amici miei,

oggi e una giornata griggia e fredda qui a new york. non so che dire. ieri avevo spiriti molto alti ma adesso sono giu. chissa perche.

did you know that maine and pennsylvania are having a whoopie war? i prefer the northern state, but who wouldn’t? whoopie pies are a fine treat.

btw–what happened to the age old tradition of throwing pies into the faces of politicians? someone get on that!

qaddafi, ghadaffi … oooh you are meanie deenie. and what’s with all these celebrities performing at the parties of your son? tsk tsk. yesterday on npr, they described the meals that the rebels were eating (macaroni and orange soda) and it made me so sad i shed a few tears. kippy’s heart is not, in fact, made of coal! i hope those rebels do ok.

et ca c’est tour pour au jour d’hui.



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