inshallah the skype will work

mes amis,

time is of the essence! if you do not know about the iranian theatre festival happening tomorrow evening, march 3, at the brick theatre in w’burg at 8pm then let-it-be-learned!

i am most keen on pen pals meet: a conversation between eliza and salar. though the title is long winded, and they are using the age-old gimmick of skype, it sounds like a salacious stunt worthy of witnessing. i might even make a rare public appearance!

these are the pen pals, btw. don’t they look cute as toots!

(inshallah the skype will work.)

in other news, did you know that if you are easily distracted it means you are a creative thinker? well–i could have told you that. but apparently jonah lehrer proves it in his article here. hmph! does someone smell cinnamon? why is that fan so noisy? i should listen to some music now. oh wait, i gotta pee.

kip kip over + out!

ps. remember, tomorrow is advice day on g.l.o.c. send your ?s to


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