my people,

in my younger more vulnerable years (i.e. high school) we had a “secret solchumanzas,” instead of the more philistine secret santas.

solchumanza includes solstice, chanukkah, christmas and kwanza. i was always glad that the solstice came first in this word mash up.

speaking of les holy-days… have you seen this fascinating entry from merriam webster? they appear to have a new background. (i think i prefer the old one though)

speaking of old… remember this place? i cannot believe max fish is closing. it was seminal in my coming-of-age. the first bar i ever went to as an adolescent lass. snuck in through the pink pony‘s back door as i recall (which i also hear is soon-to-be shuttered.) shame. then again the whole les has become douche bag central if you ask me!

enjoy this for your holiday listening pleasure!



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