censor dispenser

mes amis,

i find these two article a curious pairing. in this american article, beige-wearing washingtonians are up in arms over the censorship of david wojinarowicz’s jesus ant video. what’s the fuss?

in this other article, a well-meaning journalist in qatar believes controversy will stir when museum-goers see nudity in art work. oh man. and i thought the jesus ant video was a little silly…!

just goes to show how it’s all about context, n’est pas?

and speaking of museums, why does the de young in california not allow sketching? tres bizzare.

but enough about the art world. back to moi. i have found out two excellent things today.

1. i will be PRing an event to happen at the brick’s iranian theatre festival in march. cannot wait!

2. i will also be representing an event at columbia, missouri’s independent actors theatre in feb. 2011. more details to come!

in other news, went to the fancy three pianos opening at nytw last night. it was so vip, i nearly passed out from all the importantness! food was scrumptious.

also: got this holiday image from the cats of half straddle.

i must say that while i am disappointed to no longer officially represent the halves, i am glad to have taken part–even a small part–in their coming of age.

ciao for now,


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