can i get a witness


saw the delightfully, convolutedly titled i’m going to make a small incision behind your ear to check and see if you’re actually human at the bushwick starr on friday. lord i love that starry space! friendly staff and fine programming…they’ve got good weddings too! still dreaming of those meat pies…

witness relocation, who made the convoluted, yet never diluted(!), incision, is a group i am quite keen on. i much enjoyed their version of  toshiki okada‘s five days in march that i caught this past spring at la mama etc. their latest dance-theatre is a visual extravaganza with–no surprise–attractive youngin actors. when can we get some oldies on the stage? i say!

even though some of incision was pithy and collegiate, (the plot of TV show was annoying in that downtown actor way) good actor honesty games abounded. i liked the blindfolded beat down, as well as the yes/no question dance.  over all they were quite bravi. and i will most certainly catch their next show. and so should you.

other upcoming tid bits i will try to catch include tommy smith’s the wife, and john kelly’s pass the blutwurst, bitte…this among the myriad of holiday soirees i must attend. this year i set a record of hanukkah parties–a whopping four!

that’s all for now…a bien toot!





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