above us only sky


today i finished reading the internet. j/k! but i am continually overwhelmed by it. and today i  did learn here that experts predict the pool of available internet addresses will be used up in jan 2011. can you believe it?

how very etrange!

and speaking of strange, did you know i went to grade school with julian assange? … more like julian etrange. it was that year i spent in hong kong with my family learning cantonese and running around with pre-teen kids-of-diplomats. julian was quite a little perv even back then! even though he was 11 years my senior, age was very porous in such a setting and time.

anyhoozle, it goes without saying that those wikileaks on muammar al-gaddafi are by far my fave.

i understand one new yorker—one of my clients in fact—has long had sr. gaddafi on the brain for a little play-musical. you didn’t here it hear (har) first! or did you? slated production is not until 2015 and working title is he of the tent.

lastly, the on a more somber note, let us pause and reflect on “imagine.” yes my friends, today is the anniversary of lennon’s untimely death.

ciao for now,
la kippy



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