listen up

mes amis,

all i can say is quoi??? but it it really true about classical music being played to cut back on crime in snooze zealand? and who knew they even had a crimes there? i thought kiwis were supposed to be nice.

anyhoo, i’m not saying i’m not a fan of mozart and his boys club (and it is a boys club, my friends!) but what about a little hip hop, gospel or country to smooth out the beat??? even those bone thugs are n-harmony!

even if i do endorse safety for the most part(y), this news makes kippy very uncomfortable! speaking of parties. are you a member of what the festa di the calls the “new elite“?

sometimes people say philosophers are elitist but i’d have to argue otherwise. at the very least, i offer you this interesting article by steve pyke in his quest to photograph great thinkers.

now it’s about time this thinker has to mover and shaker!


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