various news bits

mes amis,

magic and science are always a fascinating duo. as a whippersnapper one summer, i toiled at a now-defunkt magic shop. it’s where i learned how to juggle, where i learned to flirt, and yes where i learned a few tricks of the magic trade. i have not watched the whole 11 minute video but i look forward to doing so!

do you have a lucky charm? apparently there has been a study done on how they are good to have.

also michael jackson will have a cirque du soliel show about him. may he vocal rest in peace. i am sure it will be thrill-ing. (wah wah)

ooh and last but not least, ai wei wei’s studio’s getting shut down. how i enjoyed the piece about the artiste in the new yorker earlier this year. it all reminds me of how i’ve still got to toot on over to shanghai before they put the k-bosh on old wei wei!

ok my friends.

chow for now,

ps mes amis, can we move to france where the people are at least politically active and have a culture to fight for? this photo is from the protests they were having to protect their 12 hour work week.




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